Legends and Miracles  


Casilda was born in the eleventh century in the city of Toledo. She waas the daughter os a muslin king called Aldemón (or al-Mamún). Her mother died when she was a little girl. Later she had the same strange illness than her mother.

Casilda had a sister called Zoraida (later renamed as Isabel of Toledo whe she was baptized) and a brother, Almoain who passed away in the wars between muslins and catholics.

When she was five years old she started to study the Koran. She found a story that marked Casilda. Was the story of the daughter of a king who run away from her kingdom to live an asceticism life (probably Saint Marina).

She learned with some of the wise men of the country, and she become in one of the most brilliant minds of this century.

She knew that threre were prisioners into the jails of the palace. She showed special kindness to Christian prisioners, but her father forbad her to visit them.

When her father was put the palace she brought medicines and food to these Christians where she discussed about this new religion. In few time she wanted to be baptized to the Cristianity.

One day when she was bringing food to the jails, she was stooped by soldiers. They asked to reveal what she was carrying.

She said that she only was carrying som roses. And when she began to show them, the bread turned inti a bouquet of roses.

When she was again into the jails the roses turned into food and medicines again.

Casilda fall sick. The same illness that affected her mother. There were no way to stopped it.

She heard from a prisioner about a special water in an small place in the north in Spain. The wells of San Vicente, in “la Bureba”, near Briviesca

Casilda’s father arrange a trip to these strange spanish lands and when Casilda touched this water her illness dissappeared.

She didn’t go back to her palace and seh decided to live without any richness.

She was loved by the people of la bureba and they decided to build  a home for Casilda.

Angelical hands move all that was built by the day to the top of a mountain in the night. So they decided to build a chapel in this place.

When they started to build it, a lioness runned away without attacking anyone.

She lived there until she passed away when she was 60 years old.

She was buried in this place, where she is still venerated by a lot of people.

The healing waters of the wells of San Vicente made Saint Casilda to come to  la Bureba.

The miracle of the Roses
Francisco de Zurbarán (1960)